This is the most modern burn unit in eastern Colombia.

  • The HIC burn unit is celebrating its fourth anniversary since its launch in 2019. Today, it is recognized as the most modern and comprehensive facility in eastern Colombia.
  • In 2022, the unit expanded its capacity and doubled the number of individual bed cubicles from 10 to 20.
  • Over 50% of the admitted patients are pediatric, reflecting the high incidence of burns in this age group. 

Bucaramanga, July 2023. Since its inception, the Burn Unit of the Hospital Internacional de Colombia (HIC) was designed to become one of the finest in the country and the most advanced in eastern Colombia. This distinction arises not only from its state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced medical equipment but also from the attention and care to patients who require its services. 

Four years after its launch, we can confidently affirm that it has achieved its goals. Dr. Carlos Ramírez Riberos, the coordinator of the HIC Burn Unit, asserts that 'our unit has evolved into a national benchmark. We possess all the necessary elements to offer optimal care with our facilities, skilled staff, advanced technology, and specialized expertise. 

In 2019, the unit started its operations with 10 individual bedrooms, and by December 2022, this capacity was duplicated, resulting in a total of 20 beds. Since then, the unit has consistently maintained nearly 100% occupancy, guaranteeing that every patient receives tailored care and support throughout their recovery journey. 

Over 50% of the patients admitted to the unit are children, underscoring the elevated prevalence of burns in the pediatric population caused by scalding liquids, electrical incidents, gunpowder, and even gasoline. The other significant group comprises adults, primarily admitted due to occupational accidents from handling fuels, electrical sources, chemicals, and other such elements.


This service not only has individual cubicles, but also its own operating room, hydrotherapy, and healing rooms, as well as high-tech equipment. In addition, entertainment systems have been integrated, to ensure the comfort of pediatric and adult patients as well as their companions during their stay and treatment. 

During the past year, the unit provided treatment to over 350 individuals through a multidisciplinary team comprising round-the-clock plastic surgery specialists, physicians, nurses, therapists, psychologists, and other dedicated professionals committed to the patient's well-being. 

What to Do in Case of a Burn? 

The primary action to take in the event of a burn is prompt response. Start by cooling the affected area with clean water, ensuring it is free from contaminants. It's crucial to avoid using creams or other home remedies, as they can worsen the situation. Only cold water is appropriate. 

After cooling the burn, the coordinator of the burn unit emphasizes the importance of seeking immediate medical attention. 'It's highly recommended to visit a facility specialized in burn management, like the Burn Unit of the International Hospital of Colombia. The medical team will assess the burn and administer the necessary treatment to ensure a swift recovery.