Medical innovation in Santander: the HIC transforms the treatment of joint injuries

  • The Hospital Internacional de Colombia (HIC) has taken a step forward in the treatment of joint injuries by incorporating the 4K arthroscopy tower, equipment that allows for advanced and precise medical care.
  • This equipment facilitates detailed surgical observation, improving precision and efficiency in the diagnosis and management of injuries.
  • The advance represents a milestone in specialized orthopedic medical care in the region. The HIC leads the field in this technique and promotes accessibility to innovative medical technology.

Bucaramanga, October 2023. Orthopedic medicine in Santander has experienced significant progress with the introduction of the 4K arthroscopy tower at the Hospital Internacional de Colombia (HIC). This milestone represents a step forward in the region, allowing specialists to offer patients state-of-the-art care in the evaluation and management of sports injuries and degenerative joint diseases.

Dr. Jaime Alberto Villamizar Pabón, orthopedist and traumatologist specialized in Shoulder and Knee Surgery at the HIC Orthopedic Institute, highlights the significant impact of this equipment on the efficiency of surgical procedures. According to Dr. Villamizar, "Arthroscopy has evolved from its beginnings in the East to its perfection in the West, thanks to the integration of state-of-the-art technology. With the 4K arthroscopy tower, we have an immense capacity to observe surgical procedures in detail, significantly improving accuracy in diagnosis and treatment".

The 4K arthroscopy tower is recognized for its ultra-high-definition resolution, which provides exceptional image quality. This advanced technology enables the recording of procedures in high quality, both still and video, which is beneficial for academic purposes and detailed monitoring of patient progress.


Equipped with a 42-inch monitor, the tower offers a clear visualization, with depth and an accurate representation of colors in anatomical structures, facilitating the observation of surgical procedures. In addition, the cold light source ensures adequate illumination for interventions.

Dr. Josué Calderón Gamba, HIC Hip and Knee Orthopedist, emphasizes the importance of this acquisition for the region and points out that "previously, surgeries required large incisions, which generated greater trauma to the tissues. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to perform faster and high-quality procedures, which translates into greater safety for patients".

Arthroscopy, in addition to enabling accurate diagnoses, is used to treat a variety of joint conditions, such as repair of cruciate ligaments in the knee, removal of foreign bodies in the joint, correction of rotator cuff tears in the shoulder, and repair of cartilage lesions. In addition, it plays a role in the diagnosis and treatment of hip ligament injuries. These procedures are performed through small incisions, reducing the risk of infection compared to traditional open surgery.

The implementation of the high-tech 4K arthroscopy tower not only improves the accuracy of arthroscopic procedures but also speeds up patient recovery, setting a milestone in orthopedic medical care in Santander. It also provides collaboration opportunities for specialists and medical organizations looking for advanced technology in this field.