Technology and hip surgery: a life-changing duo


Technological advances in hip surgery are a great advantage for patients, improving recovery and providing accurate diagnoses. Find out what it is all about.

Hip surgery has made significant advances in recent decades, and these advances are reflected not only in surgical techniques but also in the technology used in the recovery process. The combination of medical expertise and technological advances allows patients to recover more quickly and effectively.

To guarantee these advances, the Hospital Internacional de Colombia (HIC) has an arthroscopy tower, which allows for maximum detail in the execution of surgical procedures.


How technology can benefit you in these cases?

Accurate diagnosis

The way hip conditions have been diagnosed is revolutionized by technology. Advanced scanners, such as MRI and CT scans, provide surgeons with detailed images that allow them to accurately evaluate the condition of the hip before surgery.

Advanced surgical planning

Today, surgical planning software allows surgeons to organize hip surgeries in great detail before the procedure. Including optimal implant placement and virtual simulation of the surgery. These tools improve the accuracy and efficiency of procedures.

Robotic-assisted surgery

Robotics has entered the field of hip surgery in a significant way. Robotic systems help surgeons operate with exceptional precision. These robots guide the surgeon during the procedure, ensuring precise implant placement and minimizing damage to surrounding tissues.

Rehabilitation and remote monitoring

Technology has simplified postoperative rehabilitation. From mobile apps that provide focused exercises to wearable devices that monitor physical activity, patients have access to tools that help them track their progress and enhance their recovery. In addition, physicians can remotely track patient progress, providing advice and adjusting the rehabilitation plan as needed.

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