Air Ambulance

We have a comprehensive service of Medicalized Air Transportation for the transfer of critical patients between health institutions. We are the only hospital in Colombia that has its own Air Ambulance.



Why choose us?

  • We provide specialized air transportation for patients who require high complexity assistance.
  • We have a specialized professional team, certified by the Aerocivil for the medical management and assistance of critical patients, guaranteeing greater quality, safety, and control of the patient's condition during the flight.

 Benefits for the insurer


  • Quality in the transfers with a level 4 service in emergency attention.
  • A decrease in the average stay of the patient.
  • A decrease in the average cost of the annual case in high complexity patients.
  • Traceability in the care of patients with reduced risks in their medical intervention.

 Benefits for the patient


  • Less risk of altering the clinical condition during the transfer.
  • Shorter mobilization time to appropriate care.
  • Support to the patient and his/her companion in all the procedures of displacement, migration, and location in the place of destination care.